I'm an engineer, people manager, and founder interested in empowering technologies.

I worked at Coinbase, focusing on payments and backend platform. Before that, I was a founder and CTO of Clef, building a better way to log in online, and an engineer on the phone numbers team at Twilio.

Recent posts

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I like making things with code. Late at night, it's tools in the small: software to help me organize and manage my life.

During the day, it's tools in the large: I want to help solve coordination problems in this unprecedented technological age.


  • org-z is an Emacs package for lightweight zettelkasten links in org-mode. Despite many experiments building personal knowledge management software, I keep coming back to Emacs org-mode for its power and breadth. It has everything, unfortunately obscured by a high learning curve. org-z supercharges org-mode with easy interactive search and linking.
  • My homelab is an experiment in self-hosting software at home. I use it to run a prometheus cluster, store media, and participate in the decentralized web, among other things. It is primarily a private space to learn and play.
  • Gridliner is a 3D outliner for freeform knowledge. While most outliners are 2-dimensional (up-down, in-out), Gridliner adds the left-right dimension, making it a hybrid outliner and spreadsheet.
  • Serenity is a peer-to-peer, drag-and-drop file sharing tool in the browser. After sharing a link with a friend, serenity directly connects your browsers using webrtc, providing an encrypted channel without intermediaries.
  • plaid-cli is a CLI tool for working with the Plaid API. I built it to solve import issues with YNAB, but ultimately, I want to own my financial data.
  • Kiwi is a personal wiki you write in Markdown. An early experiment with knowledge management that you can take on the go.

I also maintain a handful of open source libraries. Best to look at GitHub for these and other hidden gems.


I like to make generative art, which I sometimes plot with a HP-7550A pen plotter. I open source most of my creations. I love lisp, so they are mostly written in clojure.

Older stuff

  • Clef was a better way to log in online. Twilio acquired our team in 2017.
  • Instant2FA was a drop-in 2FA integration, built during the Clef days.
  • gdax_recurring is a CLI tool to automate recurring USD deposits and asset allocation for GDAX (now Coinbase Pro). It theoretically still works, but I haven't used it in years.


If you want to get in touch, you can find my email address on GitHub.